Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Polite enemies are the best. I think I've had an obsession with four-armed guys wielding an asymmetrical variety of weapons ever since one Mighty Max episode that had Kali and Shiva in it. Yeahhh Van Allen's Belt only reflects radiation. Sorry, Kaen. It's actually weird Hel ever transformed back, given how back-to-back this all seems to have happened, but that... that just happens.

I miss giving everyone a bunch of cool attack names. So much of these pages was stuff I had left sitting around telling myself to use, like "I'll chop your body off" and whatnot. But yeah Sasha's transformation here ties in with what I was saying before, like if you have some kind of specific trigger, it SHOULD logically be something you can get around.

Sasha's ability to change by looking at butts is just a joke, but I've always played with the idea of "if you can get some bright white rock in a circle, it should work" and I don't recall if that ever came up in Kiwi Day but I have thought about it in other things. Hey, remember Road Rovers? Man...

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