Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I wanted to show what a dingonek normally looks like, because... hey, how often do you get to draw a dingonek, right? Plus it gave me an opportunity to bring back Hell Kitty without having Hel be unreasonably incompetent in letting her bell get dirty again. This time it was an experimental bad-thing-suck move! Because c'mon, EVENTUALLY Earthworm Jim would get better at not pissing off Peter Puppy, right?

I love when people are narrating their progress on something in a calm tone even as it fails and they narrate that. I wonder how namazu even get around. I mean, a subterranean catfish? How's it gonna dig?

Whenever I think about the namazu I think about that Pokémon episode that was flat-out banned and erased from all records before anyone saw it, because there was an earthquake and a tidal wave too recently... and it's like, your country has seismic activity. Thus you have mythological creatures based on that. Thus you make popculture characters based on those monsters. How is it somehow insensitive? It's part of your lives.

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