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I remember realizing the comic's fucking 10th anniversary was coming up and that was insane. Sure there was a break between Kiwi Day and KDN, but still. That's a long-ass time! I sat and thought about it and decided the best thing was just a very-slight-prequel showing what everyone was doing right before the old comic started. And while doing the math, yeah, I realized that was Kaen's birthday maybe roughly more or less.

It was weird drawing young Soroban in the less-stubby style I'd worked my way up to (and that would continue). I actually sculpted him once. It makes me think about Yotsuba& and how the style keeps getting more detailed and further from Azumanga Daioh, but that makes Yotsuba herself look kind of weird as she retains most of her stylization.

Also, his backstory was the least-explored and required the most explanation. Seeing as they just found him in that weird form, far from where they eventually discovered he was from. I wasn't thinking that hard about it back then.

Similarly, my improved anatomy skills made it strange to draw NeNe running on all fours, as well as her and her mom's boots being so weirdly tubey. I made some compromises. Also drew her collar in black just because I so often forgot to draw it at all in the old days, and when I did it was just a pencil line. Not sure what I'd do if I ever like... colored the old comics... but I think about that a lot.

And Alex just looks bizarre without his hachimaki, but I did remember that he ostensibly didn't have it until Kishon gave him one while he was in pig form as 'InoYasha' (old Kiwi Day was weird, okay? Go read it maybe, if you haven't). That was consistent in flashbacks. This is almost kind of dumb, like every prequel finds it necessary to have a lot of verbal references to everything memorable from the thing it's prequeling.

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