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Of course the awkward thing here is that this comic has always been animetastic, so obviously Fluffycakes was not the only Kinda Asian around the Ceres Field area. It's just their cultural stuff wasn't 100% mainly because I generally just forget to have people take their shoes off inside. Just like TV writers do, because it's awkward and makes it difficult to suddenly have all the characters rush outside. And in the case of animation, it requires a separate model and then consistency for continuity.

I forgot I'd called the anek baju village "Somewhere" yet I remember that just a few commentaries ago I had forgotten. Memory is weird. A gossipy person insisting you didn't hear it from her is straight out of In Living Color, which I recall I'd been watching reruns of around this time, on the unfortunately-titled "Centric" channel. And speaking of old shit, how do you like that freaking radio? It actually looks too oldfashioned for the tech level in this setting, despite it being vastly far ahead.

The radio is spewing out notes I wrote down for funny quirky dialogues that I never found any way to use in the comic proper. I think I had read somewhere that 'nothabule' meant ram's horn, or something? But Google is giving me squat, so it must have been an unfortunate typo. Even at the time of this comic I had utterly, utterly forgotten what that note meant. Sometimes it's just flaming globes of Sigmund, y'know?

I think it was around this time that some other comic I admire a lot (most likely Mountain Time. Goood comic.) gave me some attention and remarked upon the Chekhov's cups gag back when Sasha's coconut bra got stolen, so I had it on the mind with a little more continuity bringing it up again, and I just had a note in my notes "a cheeky raven that keeps undoing clothes" but it seemed like yeah that had already been done, so I wasn't going to actually use it. I hope you're enjoying this insight into my process.

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