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This is a weird one, I had these in the list of mythological creatures I'd catalogued over the years, under 'kasin' and for the life of me I cannot determine where I got that from. It doesn't even match Nihongo orthography. I had kijimunaa as an alias, and that resembled what I had written down.

You can see a lot of themes in Asian myth, it's pretty similar to the western equivalent but a lot of red-skinned things. Kijimunaa are to elves pretty much as shoujo are to nymphs. Basically Ribbon and Riven's nerdspeak is the kind of crud I think about all the time. I hope it's at least mildly entertaining.

But yeah at one point I was thinking about Kaen's uncle Albert and realized that in addition to a Wings reference, and making him look like Einstein, I had inadvertently suggested that he would reasonably be a Prince Albert. Or at least a duke.

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