Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I tried to think of one, I really did. Hey, there's a bit of neon blue in that first panel. Oops! By this time, I was making panel borders by selecting a square, filling it in, then contracting the selection and filling that back in with white. Dunno how long I'd been doing it that way, but I found that if I did it with a color, it meant I could do it after doing the primary lineart and not interrupt it. The problem is orphaned corners.

One of the most difficult things with the Kinda Asia arc, and I think I mentioned this already, was keeping everything sort of themed... my NPCs end up being all over the place, and in this case he's familiar with the same sort of forest beings from kinda-wherever-the-cast-is-usually-from.

But yeah after I thought of this, it turns out it was a real thing. Harvesting the middle of trees and leaving the bark alive. All the treehugging sorts should keep in mind that the common starvation practice of stripping bark off of trees is the most direct form of tree death, as that is the living part.

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