Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I don't think oni are known for their stonework. Most likely they just moved to the island with a big cool skull rock on it already. Maybe it's an actual skull I dunno. The only problem with oni being so many colors is that, just like the anek baju, it's hard to visually unify them as a race. I mean at least each village should have a smaller variation, right? There's a reason so many artists like to just stick to red and blue.

I've always loved how oni wear tiger skins. Again, that could help unify them a bit, but I can never resist making them all different COLORS of tiger. Old illustrations inexplicably have lemon-yellow tigers everywhere. You would really think one village could only get ahold of one or two colors, but... maybe I'm just making up for all the years the comic was in pencil or something.

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