Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Borborog is totally pulling a Transmetal 2 half-assed vehicle-mode there in panel 1. Sometimes Robin's chants actually have to do with what kind of magic she's conjuring up! Why would wind hurt something earth-type anyway? I mean there's erosion, but it's slow...

I love Riven's little pose in panel 4 so much that I cropped it out and kept it as a reaction image. Still never had a good opportunity to use it. Anytime things come in a variety of colors, eventually you run into some colors needing to be modified in order to utilize a white or black color palette. You ever notice that? I used to notice it a LOT. Growing up with Power Rangers will do that for you.

And then I have to ask why wind element is green sometimes. It works, right? But why? The tagline is a reference to one of my favorite stupid jokes, about the guy who lost his left arm and left leg, but he's all-right now...

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