Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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By this point I was solidly entrenched in the Adventure Time drawthreads, pretty much anytime I wasn't working on this comic I was doing fanart. Of course a show like that, you have some excuses for inconsistency.

Now just look at Silo here. This is a glorious and expressive motherfucker. I don't remember if I had discovered Yuusha Yoshihiko yet, but he's wearing that same Hotoke hair hat thing. Basically I wanted to give him a bunch of eastern god features, so he even has drooping earlobes on his tympanic membrane things.

This is where finally the important part of this little arc comes in. I had been floundering in the writing, but at some point I figured out exactly where it should all go, and expanding on that old Sword of Heaven seemed sensible. I had since learned about the sword-beads-mirror thing (which shows up in fucktons of anime and games, but is so subtle it's easy to miss). Yoshihiko had magic glasses too, but I don't remember if that's the reason...

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