Kiwi Day N

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FFffff Ribbon is the boat. That's fantastic. Look she's even got her tits out because that's tradition for a figurehead. Now see, when something like Sasha's prediction happens (in real life, I mean, not in a comedy), I often wonder if someone caught a subtle clue or saw something out of the corner of their eye and then "guessed" the truth as a result. Because it does seem to happen, and I know how unconscious clues can work.

But yeah people have joked about reverse mermaids for ages, so I wanted to see if I could make one not look terrible. All it requires is a slight hunch and some frogfish-like forelimbs. Not that odd given how mermaids have horizontal tail flukes. I'm pretty sure their names are ones I had written down to use for a while. I definitely had a note to use the word cornobble as soon as it was prudent.

Shit, speaking of dated, I don't even remember what the tagline here is in reference to. But hey look at the weird engine she sprouted on the back of the boat! It's like, shaped like a fairy.. Actually, is that just Robin? Did she turn into a boat engine? Man. Ohh uh, yeah, so another treasure found a home. I'm glad these opportunities turned up, it gives that feel of making-shit-better that adventurers always oughtta do (and that I usually forget to write).

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