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I knew Kaen's pain so well when I had to wear glasses and then had some other glasseslike item to put on and had to hotswap or try to combine them. Apparently Cambuk Merambat means 'whip creeping' but I think maybe I meant it to be "creeping vines" or something? You'll see when they get there. Chindogu, on the other hand, means a useless invention, so that's a good gag. I miss when people in this comic just used random smatterings of nihongo because I am a giant weeaboo.

But while we're in the realm of cool fantasy things, who doesn't love handcannons? I put a lot of work into the lighting on these things and I dunno how well it worked. I'm really surprised we don't see giant/superstrong creatures holding larger cannons more often.

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