Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Fenrir does not like the cannons. He does not. I think Riven should be proud, I bet it's actually really hard to channel a fire attack into just-your-fingertips to heat up the heating-rod-thingy of a cannon.

Nematocysts are even worse when combined with those tiny little bioglass spicules. Yeah I really like this gag, it's one of those things where I wonder where the old wives' tale about urine for jellyfish stings even comes from, because vinegar sure comes up often enough in household tips that you'd think it'd show for something it's actually good for. Then again I guess who ever has vinegar at the beach? Also weird deja vu here, did I maybe already do a comic with actual jellyfish involved? Maybe being used as falsies?

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