Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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The spider-bear infamously appeared earlier and gave Loki an unpleasant time. I still really should have called it 'bugbear' though there are a lot of more fun insect-ursine hybrids one could make. Pretty sure I had just recently invented the pigre though. And by 'invented' I mean 'wanted a cool probably-extinct animal to just be a mythological thing' as you do.

That frog critter at the end is a banarog, a thing I made up (I think? Pretty sure, yet it's pretty oddly specific) and, at the time, was calling 'bintarog' suggesting that the word binturong (an adorable mammal in the.. civet? family...) had stuck in some part of my brain and rattled loose. It was when I was first getting into cataloguing monsters, so mistakes happened.

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