Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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The tigerdragon is one of my older inventions. You don't grow up on Power Rangers without wondering how you could fuse those two things. Odd that China didn't already, there's a fair few "greatest hits" hybrids in their mythology but as far as I know, not that one.

Splintercat is another one I found along with slide-rock bolter since those are American folklore creatures. A much more fun idea, though, than a bizarrely mountain-dwelling giant fish. I think I made up hydragon just to excuse anytime people give hydrae more limbs or dragons extra heads. And the theow being interpreted as an andrewsarchus is just like my pigre, a thing where someone wanted a cool oldtimey animal to belong in mythology.

I think I had just created the venom dragon. Every so often I try to add more to my personal dragon species designs, and at no point do I ever seem to spend time on giving them cool unique facial structures. I really regret that.

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