Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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It would appear that the Chinko family serves tomato and peppers or squash in a thin soup or sauce on a flat plate and expects you to eat it with chopsticks. I think this was clearer in my head when I drew it. It's weird that I brought back Mai, the bokkensei, and she's doing so utterly little, right?

So I came up with the luna tick idea but there was never a good opportunity to use it in the comic, and really Sasha transforms less and less over time so it REALLY wasn't. So I just threw in this little flashback dream. I dunno, it's a thing. Babbu Sasha is super cute, back when her ears were pointy for some reason.

Yeah rock dragons are another thing from my personal mythos that I'm not sure what I had in mind when I created them, because they are kind of awkward. Originally they had like weird winglike structures on their backs even though I hate hexapod dragons. This one got an attempted redesign that I don't think is all that good at all. I mean you can't really have a theropod throwing stuff. The long, straight claws are meant to make it distinct but it just looks awkward. I bet I could do better right now if I tried.

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