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Every so often, someone reminds me the characters should be getting more new gear as time goes on. That's the kind of thing that's fun, right? Here I didn't have a good chance for Mai to use the Oppai Kage, so it made sense to have her give it to the heroes...

but I wouldn't enjoy drawing a bit of neon fuschia sarashi poking out of Mizu's tanktop all the time, so there it goes. And because it's always dramatically exposed and invoked when used, that's not the right top for it anyway, so Mizu ends up not using it much. Flying by the seat of my ass, here.

I ended up not being very definitive about how and when a liondog goes into statue mode or whether it's bronze or stone or what, because I hate to commit. The rock dragon put me face to face with the idea that my nailed-down bits of mythology aren't always perfect, and since I choose to be stuck with my decisions forever, I should be more careful. Some of you might know what I mean but the rest probably think I'm a crazy.

But speaking of the readers, I like this bit because THEY might remember that the Sword of Heaven is back home in the wherever-they-are-from but the CHARACTERS don't. Even though it was in Kishon's stories. They forgot I guess or it didn't stick with them or it didn't occur to them it would be anywhere in particular because that's realistic in that situation.

Now the portals misfiring was a thing I'd planned for quite a while, having established that that's how they work (or rather, how they stop working). The Kinda Asia arc may have ended abruptly here, but as long as it was going on, they had no reason to use the scrolls. On one hand, that put off my thing I wanted to do, but on the other hand it made it all the more like "oh yeah, that" when the first use in a while is a malfunction. Like when you bust out an old toy and the batteries are dead and leaking. I freakin' hate that.

And it gave an excuse to do another splitup! I don't recall whether it was this one or the next one, but I had plans written down to split characters up one more time and this time try to pair ones who didn't interact much.

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