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The thing about a splitup, though, is I always wanted to hurry and try to keep the updates close together, so you didn't go too long without seeing any of the main cast. So Robin is in an interesting scenario here, being the brains of the outfit since Sasha's in wolf mode. She figures out time zones in her own way, then has a weird little conversation with herself by thinking a bird is talking to her.

It's exactly the kind of conversation she might have had with Sasha, but Sash' isn't the kind to bring that junk up. They're both nearly the oldest of the team, but Robin doesn't seem like it. Fenrir might be jumpstarting a bit of that. I never seriously shipped the two of them, though. It was just continuing from that gag where Robin was kinda giving Hel a taste of her own medicine.

Hopefully someone picks up on how she turns into a different KIND of robin (y'know because American settlers recycled European bird names for the probably-unrelated local birds and confused everyone forever).

Really the differences in aging between characters like Robin and Sasha is probably confusing enough without figuring out how Fenrir works. By this point in the comic he's all of 8 years old, I think. But clearly he and Hel got totally different genes from their parents.

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