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Had this one planned for ages. In case you're one of the many, many people who didn't buy the ill-fated Gargoyles comics Disney tried their best to screw over, I'll explain that they had a spinoff called Bad Guys about all the reformed villains in kind of a... well you know, them working together and doing some dirty work... kinda thing. I realize that's so many movies that I should be able to quote a title, but it's so very not my kind of thing that I can't think of any. The comic was boss, though.

So yeah I thought it'd be funny to do this as an April Fools thing and suggest the villains were the new cast. Not remotely the same really, all I stole from Greg Weisman was the title. Anyway it was lots of fun writing all these guys together because as usual the villains have all the personality. Plus, several of them were based on friends of mine and some of them had special friendly relationships.

The little nameplates had a double black outline with white in between, but you can't even see it. Wasted effort. I felt really good about Adventure Time doing a wizard prison episode not long after this, we are on so many of the same frequencies.

You can see a buncha cameos in here that I didn't label, like the MonCage trainer and Hati and Sköll. I considered labeling them all, but nah. Gotta let the fans do stuff. Haha, fans. I have those. At least I know someone who loves Washi and Veo, and hey there they are! Dude that fucking parrot is way smarter than I am.

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