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Even if Kaen did bring money on his adventure, there are several points by now at which it would have been stolen. In fact, if I've forgotten, and he DID whip out money or jewels earlier... that was it. That was all he had. And if he brings any out later, er, he hit an ATM.

Aw now here's the stuff. Princess dorms. That was like an entire 80s movie genre. I remember fussing over whether to try to work names into characters not known for their names, and just clearly decided fuckit because it's awkward otherwise trying to say "that's the one from the story of the Princess and the Pea because haha we're aware of stories!" Anyway "don't pee the bed" is from Angels in the Outfield. I made it about peas.

Adorable that Kaguya has a super long nightshirt. I'm sure the academy made that for her, as they don't even fuck with clothes on the moon. But yeah all of these are from tales I looked up. Interesting shit, to be sure. Untombinde is one that always comes to mind anytime Disney's clearly on an affirmative action kick. Like you've got this fantastic African princess story and you're not using her. Why, because the titties?

Just draw titties, Disney. You did it in Fantasia, you technically did it in The Little Mermaid even if you went back and covered them up. Fairytales have titties in 'em, kids don't care. You may also recall that I already had the fake Marquis de Carabas in this comic, way back when they first met Kyoji.

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