Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Ribbon is doing a thing that I think was briefly a meme, where white-on-black text appears over a word you were expecting to be different. I don't remember it anymore. But look at that little plastic cocktail sword holding up the wanted poster. See that's the kind of quality you can expect from Kiwi Day. I'm pretty sure that later on I forgot that a big cursive G is the emblem of the Goldlords, though.

Check it out! Hel lost a tooth! That's really ... really important to me. I dunno. I wrote down "remember to have people have birthdays" and never, ever remembered to have them have birthdays, so that's a thing. Check out that yuki onna princess there, damn. I guess she's this setting's Pocahontas actually, given how I established the yukijin earlier. See because Disney calls their mermaid land 'Atlantica' so...

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