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That fits with Natascha's personality, actually. And what with the whole dead mom thing, I could absolutely see her dad sending her here, not knowing what to do with her, and then she absorbs their ways because maybe on some level she thinks she'll get to go home sooner. Man, I just made up some deep shit about a character who appears like 4 brief times in this comic.

Bad panel placement here again, but hopefully the backgrounds help with the apparent reading order. I think I recall it just BEING like that and nothing I could do about it. Wasn't really planning much yet at the time.

But yeah Kaen is saying a thing I say about monarchy a lot. They're supposed to have a job. People who pay others to do what others are paying them to do are filthy subletters. Also I'd forgotten about the last panel here. Very funny given the end of the comic.

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