Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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If you remember, there was talk back on Mercury of whether a Lerenian would make a good superhero on Earth, and much later they'll bring that up again with Mysty. This is the in-between part! Panels 4 and 5 are a discussion I have with myself often. Had to use it in the comic eventually.

I'm not sure whether I'm implying here that this superhero team regularly goes after bounties in order to get paid. Really with RPG adventurerer types, they get money because everything drops it, and I've confirmed that happens in this setting, so... Really they do get paid. I dunno.

Yeah shit, see, here the Goldlords logo is a big capital G, when I just established on the wanted poster that it was a cursive G. Fuck. Either way they're sort of a dumb plot point that I for whatever reason kept bringing up every so often. It was nice, at least, to subvert a little evil-rich-guy shit here. Oh hey, see that bit of neon blue or green above OUTTA MY WAY! ? Yeah I forgot to fill that in as black when I was making the panel lines. Ho ho ho.

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