Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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No dice, Hel. Mountain dragons are a little bit cool but a great example of me having a design paradigm that I wasn't able to really draw properly. Hell, I still doubt I could pull it off. It's the sort of heronlike body plan I used to think was just dumb, like on Zoids like Salamander/Krark, but sometimes get done really well, like in that one Patrick Stewart dragons pseudodocumentary. You know the one. Big influence. Almost as big as that book "Dragons and Unicorns: a Natural History". Anyway I love how they mention its attacks offscreen because I didn't fucking find room for them. Does it really have ice breath? That's kind of stepping on others' toes.

Puggy is a word i used to use for a while, based (like so many) on a typo some dumbass kid at school made, trying to write "pudgy" whilst suggesting the game "Pudgy Bunny" on a list of proposed activities for something. Y'know where you put marshmallows in your mouth and try to say words.

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