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Now see earlier when I did that "I'll give him what for, or even what five" wordplay, that was a thing. But changing forever to four or five ever, that works better verbally but I like it even more.

It's not as if Mizu drinks much anyway, but one of her character traits is supposed to be that she learned to like it from Kishon, being her role model and all. If there's one thing I feel should have been different with Mizu, it's more cavalier attitude. She's a tomboy and everything, but she talks like a simple sensitive person, not as partyish as her mentor. She was so excitable and hyper as a kid, it would have fit nicely. Oh well, leaders are often calm and sensible even to their detriment.

But here's Riven re-railroading the plot... Fff, everyone wants to talk about babies, Riven. You get separated into your own strip there, on the right! I actively tried not to draw Soroban's pants too nutsacky, but it just happened sometimes.

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