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Here evidently Soroban has explained shit offscreen. You can imagine that Mizu, Riven, and Kimchi were like "Ohhh right, the Sword of Heaven, that was in Kishon's stories" or something. And by "you can" I mean please do, because that makes it read better.

In all this other hullaballoons, it's easy to miss that Soroban has just given the origin of Uzi here, too. The shadow mirror was used in the old comic to make shadow doppelgangers for everyone to fight, when everyone went through the dungeon under Soroban's lab and he let them suffer for a while just as a challenge. I get points too because you never actually saw what magical mechanism was causing that, they just went through a tunnel and BAM, shadow guys.

Actually, it makes a lot more sense if said mirror was related to the mirrors in that one temple, since it made SHADOW doppelgangers, not clones.. But those wizards had altered the shit out of the mirror's magic, so yeah. Again, please alter shit in your head until it makes sense.

In any case, here I'm foreshadowing the shit about Ratle's initial imprisonment, which pays off a little later. And yay, that guy! That guy from the old comic. Oh I'm sure nobody remembers him.

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