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Little missions like this make more sense in better-fleshed-out stories where it's convenient to have a few people and a little thingy happening, while the others do something else... But here it was just "eh I don't want them all there, and I want the others to be there when they return" so it worked out okay.

Soroban's doing the cool Magneto-float here while filling new readers in on how the climax of the old comic went. He'd long since left the party but he did appear in an advisory role. It's weird how much this character developed from basically "I like how Ness is in Smash Bros and know nothing of how Ness is in Mother 2."

I like how Ribbon-turned-into-a-jet has the beads-acting-as-a-compass in her little cockpit. It reminds me of when Optimus Primal had Prime's spark in his cockpit. I wonder if Grizm's legal last name actually contains ellipses. I worked really hard on making his dialogue shaky-but-legible. It shows up, right?

I also made sure that since this is basically a "you got screwed out of the last item's quest" situation like Zelda pulls every so often (especially Wind Waker), we'd at least get a description of what it was like. Sword-horned unicorn boss sounds awesome. Would surely cause Mizu to moisten at the sight. We get a bit more backstory too on why the fuck back in the old comic Grizm was in Ratle's fortress. Of course anyone who read the old comic might remember...

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