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Soroban IS supposed to be a gnome, even if he isn't that terribly short. It's funny because it took me so long to decide what he was in the old days, even making gags about it. I don't know why I made Sharon so tall, either, that was so many years ago in the old comic when she was just... Grizm's assistant who was imprisoned alongside him very conveniently.

Aaand now we see why he bothered to keep them around. In the old comic, after Ratle's defeat, there was just this shot of evil-eyed Grizm and it was really just a last-minute gag based on how I feel like you can never trust anyone that helpful. (I actually didn't remember that, I had to go read the commentary on the old comic.)

Also Grizm holding the sword so the cross is upside-down was unintentional but sets the mood nicely, and this scene was all about mood. Twisting the fuck out of Sharon was an attempt at establishing some unnerving SCP-ass feel. The demarcations of color aren't fantastic, though. Should've gone with gradient.

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