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Woof, look at that awkward sword sweep. Towards himself AND reverse-grip. That's a sign of mighty strength I tell you what. I just realized I had Ribbon grow so that when she was de-magic'd she'd be properly visible, but evidently I immediately forgot and demagicking her made her tiny again.

I don't usually follow the trend that sucking the magic out of someone or killing the spellcaster reverts everything back to normal, because that implies the spell required constant magic input to keep it working. If she turned huge and got de-magic'd she ought to stay huge. But yeah the unmagicking ability is something Ratle had experienced when it was used on him, to quite serious effect, so it's clever of him to have learned from it. Just... wow, that's a major boner.

On the other hand, it's kind of interesting having a fairy revert to a tiny winged person, even if it is much harder to draw that way. Like without magic she's vulnerable, unable to fly... Makes you wonder about the origin of Borrowers.

And speaking of retrospective thought, Ratle is probably Eltar backwards. Remember, from Power Rangers? It's a weird name but it has grown on me. Has a nice gentle sound to it like an Olmec god. It forces you to say it in a particular cadence.

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