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I love that Hel is smart enough to think of this, but not smart enough to do it properly without a little help. That's what makes her distinct from Robin. I'm not sure I ever really established that Hell Kitty's powers work all oppositewise, but that's how it's supposed to work, and I did stick with that later on.

As for the lower-back-scritch that makes cats make funny sounds and faces, oh dang, I forgot I'd referenced it this far back... because there's a more significant one quite a bit later.

Aw man, poor Sharon. See, she's so stretched out from evil magic that she can't support her head properly. What the hell was Ratle even doing there? I was deliberate in never having her get fixed up onscreen, wanted that to be tragic.

Panel 7, I'm not the only one who feels that way, right? I'm surprised everyone's able to sleep so well after this bombshell, we don't even see their reaction to Ratle's return but I guess they've been psyching themselves up ever since Silo foretold it. In any case it was a good excuse for an homage to one of everyone's favorite scenes in Dragon Ball.

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