Kiwi Day N

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They had to get to Zi at some point. See, she's integral to all this! There was some pretty serious retreading here from the old comic, but thass okay. It's kind of a Zelda thing, yeah. Yeah.

See how I follow up admission of a major oversight in panel 4 with a smoothly integrated pun in panel 5? It's a gas, gas, gas. I'm not sure how magical forehead marks work with cats, but NeNe's father didn't have it. Now just in case it wasn't clear, that 13 generations is HUMAN generations, not cat ones.

I may not be a huge fan of legacy characters, but I do like lineages. Things like Mamono Hunter Yohko, Link, etc. Fun stuff. Look at that guy in blue! And look at that little protruding lower lip on Hel in profile. I never draw those.

I'm not sure why I like this revelation about Hel's magic so much, but I ever so do. It explains so much, right?

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