Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I'm sure I considered looking up a moon reference, but hey, it's a fantasy setting, who's to say all the same asteroids hit in the same places? Nevermind that I've got bunnypeople up there so the whole rabbit-shaped pattern should... really still be there for thematic purposes. Meh.

How cool is that space robo whale? Everyone loves those. They're amazing and all the best heroes have 'em. Anyway, in keeping with the broad-strokes take on planetary science in this comic, the moon can support life but it's not great at it. You can stand near an airlock for a while and you'll be alright.

I never liked ropers in any of that DnD-kinda stuff. Or any of their distinct monsters, really. But ropers started to grow on me a little when various videogames started using them, and I figured extraterrestrial origin makes the most sense. Pretty sure I'd been playing Recettear when I decided on this.

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