Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Selene is a proper royal, I tell you what. I like that her word bubble didn't even have a tail. Pretty sure that was a mistake but there's no damn room for it anyway. Check out the perspective on the Grim Roper though!

I can thank the intentional awkwardness of Strong Bad's attempted self-nickname in "79 Seconds Left" for that ledge-end thing. Got me on the right thinking-path. Or, really, the wrong one, because that's kind of awful.

Now see they may not have actually walked on the moon in the old comic, but they did visit.. Remember? Lasers? Yeah. It's the times when this comic's continuity feels Dragonballesque that I'm the most proud of its advanced age. Because when you put quantity over quality, that's one of the few perks.

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