Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I don't remember when I came up with the name Hellenback, it just sounded like a name that should exist. Since it's a girl, maybe it should've been Helenback. But yeah they totally have EM vision! I have actually forgotten that, but now I know it again. Of course technically all vision is based on some electromagnetism but I mean the kind you CAN'T usually see. The earth's field. So, like, aurorae must be amazing to them.

Mizu's concern in panel 2 is something I always think about while writing... Like, I know I'm writing this, but a lot of stuff COULD happen that would totally ruin what I'm trying to make happen... I genuinely get the feeling that I hope it won't.

Of course it's only appropriate that Ratle's headed to the fairy zone. He's one of those, remember? Plus I wanted one more chance to head to this place and bring back the elves. I hadn't done them in color yet, aside from that pied piper guy. Also yeah the "I want an elf" thing is right out of Dilbert and Soroban did it way back in the old comic. I still find it funny.

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