Kiwi Day N

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Little callback to those guys hassling the gnomes... Continuity bringing back Luanna. Considering she was based on a friend of mine (who already got a character in Mizu's mom but whatever, you read about that in the past commentary probably), I wanted to get her into the new comic once. Never established much of a personality for her, basically just "the least immature elf" so...

It's so much fun drawing little backstory characters. Between these guys and the ones who first fought Ratle, I was doing that a lot. But here we get a classic retcon! I don't always mind those as long as it's in-universe as well. Like this was a recent discovery.

I had this idea about a prison that smaller people can get into, but the prisoner can't get out of... Kinda inspired by that one episode of The Storyteller. It's a weird dynamic whenever a container has different accessibility inside and outside. Like a genie being unable to get out of their lamp.

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