Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Here we go ramping up to this final conflict. Having a good setting for that kind of thing is important, I've found it really ruins the feel if you could easily just run away during the final shit. A lot of games let you, and it feels good in a way, but it also kind of ruins it.

In any case, some of my favorite mixed feelings in any videogame is the big prep BEFORE the final thing. I actually think they should give you a few vital or optional-but-useful tasks more often. Once again a new character didn't get to do much, but nevermind that! OLD characters returning time! That's what everyone likes, right?

The explanation about the wizards' club (really should have thought of an actual name for it, but realistically they would never have agreed on one) being busy is something I think is important in any big setting like this, even if the reasons tend to be contrived. When it's being done intentionally to distract them, it becomes a trope I freakin' love. Because how could you NOT fall for it? It's your job and shit.

I hope Sasha shouting underwater amused you as much as it did me. Pretty sure it was recycled art, or else I recycled it later. Memory's startin' to go. I know exactly how Kaen feels here. Mildly awkward.

From the very beginning, I planned to give Mido a role in Kiwi Day N, and then it just never happened. He's practically an Expanded Universe character. Novelizations, read-along story books, things like that.

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