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Some of you long-time readers might recall that time in the old comic when the entire expanded cast of anyone resembling a main character was together on Mercury, and they pointed out that not only are their numbers unstoppable but it's implausible to imagine fighting them all. And I don't think I mentioned it out loud, but that would be a mess to draw (something that seemed less daunting back then).

I had to deliberately pare this little returning-cast teamup down, leaving out Mysty and Ninjin at the very least, just to get to this point... where I still can't get them all into one panel by a longshot. I told the webcomics thread that I was currently drawing pages with 20 characters (I think? Do count them for me if you want) and they reacted with appropriate flabbergastedness.

I guess I can blame DBZ for the habit, though. It feels so good when everybody shows up for something big. Thing is, when they did it, someone would be dead by this point. Also Alex really probably shouldn't have come along.

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