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But yeah in case the last episode didn't make that clear, Mizu had to only genderswap in imagination because she's got that babby inside and that would be confusing at best. Panel 2 weirdly looks like imagination, right? The white kitty house looks like a thought bubble gone mad. Also the scale of said house makes no sense.

I think it would have been much more contrived to have a SEPARATE magical artifact that swaps your sex, so I made it a related one. A piece of the one from the old comic, plus a bit of backstory for it!

I looked up a reference to get Hel's thumbs-down right. Haha 63 years, because rule 63. I'm sure I said that in the old comic's commentary but dammit if I'm gonna repeat myself I'm gonna repeat myself.

You expected me to just type that twice as a joke, didn't you? In a way, A is A statements already kind of do that. Also Zi is probably a bad parent and an irresponsible cat owner going by that shelf.

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