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Okay, take a deep breath. Hold down ctrl and mousewheel down (assuming you already ctrl+mousewheeled up for all 659 of those 700-pixel-wide strips, otherwise you're good). This hiatus only ended up being two months, so that was really nothing, but it felt like so long.

I really wanted to do something neat, and first on the agenda with a goddamn little dagger jammed into the bullet point was LARGER SIZE. I didn't realize until helpful folks pointed it out, but I had been drawing on these teeny-tiny little 1400-pixel-wide canvases and then halving the result, so from here until sometime later when I upped it again (will mention it in the commentary when that comes up), it was 1800 pixels wide. Reads better, everything looks nicer, gives me more breathing room. The Ratle fight had been so unforgivably cramped and only had a few people per panel...

Aww the sansukumi are sleepy. Hope everyone appreciates having solid confirmation of the duration of the timeskip. I had to do some math here because I wanted Ryazan to be just 3 years old.

Yeah, Ryazan, Uhh... she's based on a friend's character from old IRC roleplay wayy back before original Kiwi Day. She and Mizu were an adorable pair, AND she had pink hair (or at least I imagined she did?) so it was perfect to make her Mizu's daughter here.

I think this larger canvas size also really helped my lettering. There was more room for pressure sensitivity to render nice-looking letters. I don't think I had started using guide lines yet, but that happened soon.

I DID start actually sketching out poses and using construction and whatnot, starting either here or a couple months after this. At first, it made everything take so much longer. Then... well, it still did, but none of the time felt wasted. A lot of you are going to think I sound like a complete retardogram for just wingin' it up 'til this point.

Mizu's ab definition would not last, but this Korra-esque outfit of hers would. I broke from the tradition of having her dress like some variation of Trunks because A) I'd used up all the good Trunks outfits (it took them a while to make more) and B) I was in the middle of defending Legend of Korra at the time, and it felt like an appropriate thing for Mizu's attempted new focus on chi attacks and not just pure swordery.

Man, that was a mistake in every sense. But 'Weclome Back' wasn't. Go look it up! If you don't get that reference, you are in for some fun stuff.

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