Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Looks like I updated every 2 days for a while here. Clearly I'd been planning how the post-hiatus revival timeskip story would play out. Ribbon's wedding is just a great excuse to get everyone together.

It appears Kimchi tried to move out. I like that that was offscreen, it would not have made great comic.. unless he got into a bunch of trouble. Eh, fanfic fuel (I should be so lucky). Kishon's new look works a lot better than before, I think. I used shading to define his neck, see? I wonder what it's like watching your adopted son grow. Like, it's a surprise, right?

Kimchi's proper-ass grown-man facial leaves are something I had planned before starting Kiwi Day N, though they changed a bit. At first I thought he should have sideburn-leaves hanging down, but I realized a very broad pointed leaf could grow directly out of the sides of his face and give him some nice jaw definition.

I also wanted to finally get rid of that ugly mustard-brown belt. I liked his old outfit a lot, which is why he kept it for so long, but it just wasn't doing it anymore. New Kimchi is confident and independent, and he wears a changsham... whose length I could not keep consistent to save my life. Oh and check out those leaves on the back of his head, I really tried to make those distinct from his old look.

Some of my oldest notes about how the characters would grow up predated this timeskip considerably, and I definitely wanted Riven to be a chubby nerd. I haven't heard one person say this doesn't suit her. That inset panel probably should've had the 'shutup' attached to it.

The only thing is, I never got the hang of drawing her belly pooch properly. I was using a little extra shine on her skin here just because it had been months and why not, but the pooch should have been a shading mark, not black line.

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