Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Some of the timeskip redesigns are more subtle than others, but in every case I tried to fix things I disliked before, such as Tessa's awkward twintails. Mako's outfit looks nice too.

Robin, on the other hand, never escapes her terrible-outfit curse. I like how I draw her hair here, it was designed to look somewhat like classic Robin but not give me some of the problems... aaand it just gave me different problems, always leaving a trapped space over one shoulder if her wings were up.

It's a unique garment, intentionally leaving space for her wings and trying to be relatively unique, even having kind of a 'flower petals' theme to the skirt, but that just makes it super awkward to draw around her shoulders, and the skirt length was incredibly inconsistent and difficult to draw in 3D.

Speaking of inconsistency, though, Robin's boobs are pretty generically round here, but later I make a point of making them kinda yam-shaped, because nobody ever draws yam boobs and I think those are fine and great and deserve to be in things too.

The little establishment of Robin's age is there because she's always the one I use to keep track of everyone else(aside from Mizu)'s age, since she appeared first in the old comic. The last panel is a bit of a mess, but I tried. Just like I tried making Shino's hair make more 3D sense.

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