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Had a lot of trouble keeping Ryazan's scale consistent here. One of the major difficulties of a chibi art style is that if someone's meant to be TRULY tiny, a literal toddler, it can be hard to distinguish them from just shorties like 8-year-old Hel was, or Gustav when we first met him.

In any case though, this is definitely something little kids do. The flying hug that buries their face in your crotch and very likely whacks you in the gonards with a hard forehead. Painfully adorable.

I didn't say this before because that commentary was insanely long already, but check out Kaen's stache. At some point after this, someone started referring to him as "ginger Flanders" and it is not undeserved.

The timeframe here might not be terribly realistic, given how long it took him to even get a Joseph Gribble lip, and it was a pain in the ass to draw and make his expressions look right, but it also makes him unique and stand out.

Oak, on the other hand, has stopped visibly wearing chainmail in evocation of Twilight Princess Link and has traded it in for a much better color scheme. No more of that odd orange-brown, and some nice dark blue. I genuinely struggled with drawing a back-mounted sword AND a cape on the same character.

Now Hel's new look worked out great, I think. There were some major inconsistencies with the angle of the neck/back line on her one-sleeved Wilykit-ass shirt, as well as the precise offcenterness of her bangs, but I think it all suits her just great. I actually drew a whole bunch of potential hairstyles for her. I just wanted it to be messy and scruffy.

There are noticeable scale and proportion problems in panels 6 and 7 respectively; I remember struggling with those. But it's a BIG PAGE with important crap in it. Important crap like this realistic dialogue with someone you haven't seen in a while and have no idea what their thought process has been like.

Yeah Robin's rocking a giant head here too. Maybe overcompensating from that huge-bodied Hel at the end of 2013. Thing is, I used to just intentionally draw at different chibiness levels all the time (I'm sure I've mentioned this before) only staying consistent within a panel (and even then making exceptions for expressiveness purposes). But here the style was finally coalescing (or it felt like it. Looking at the final page, it never really did stay consistent) and evening out? So...

Writing Fenrir out was a deliberate thing because I felt like he'd done everything he could do, and it would be all heartfelty if people missed him but he'd gone off on his own all Wolf Children style. You ever see Wolf Children? Good shit. It does for parenthood what The Giving Tree did for godhood.

As for Sasha's dad, I knew I had to have him finally die instead of continuing jokes about his unexpectedly long lifespan, because my kitty was clearly low on batteries himself and I had to prepare myself.

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