Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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So much fucking outfit-shit to talk about. Sasha's new top is based on a page from the delightfully smutty comic Ink Dolls, in which a character gets her shirt on half-inside-out (and others wonder how this is possible). I thought it had a really cool look, since where the fabric twists, it makes a bowtie shape.

Unfortunately, I slightly screwed it up, and it makes about as much sense in 3D as her old green sarong did from the beginning of Kiwi Day N. Also, it doesn't work well with her wolf transformation (unlike the loincloth). But those little sidey bits of hair look nice, yeah? I wasn't massively consistent with them, but they're cute. Also her bangs. I really liked what I ended up doing with Sasha's look.

Man, look at the weird random soft painting on this background, and my attempt at putting shading in to give the forest depth. I was so out of practice.

Ribbon gets written out because she's kind of too boring and flawless, but I will admit it was a difficult decision. Especially since she wasn't hard at all to draw into scenes, and had neat abilities. I just really had to pare down the cast, and she was the least vital. Turns out she had at least one fan, though.

Robin is just saying all the most important stuff here. Having Ryazan and Cal be friends was a plan that popped up in my head that made SO much sense. Same age, parents are friends, and I had already decided one would be super genki and the other kinda quiet.

Surprisingly, this icecream thing is NOT based on any real story, I just randomly thought of it and it felt so true-to-life. Little kids are always getting affected by the tiniest things. Also I just hate mint, and it's annoying how many versions of mint there are.

Soroban's updated look is very subtly different, but I think the boots and the movie-Tony-Stark facial hair do a lot to fix up what looked a bit awkward before, plus they suit him!

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