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Although Soroban's ponytail is a bit awkward to angle. I wanted it to stick out from his head, but also hang down from the bottom. On a real person, that's a lot easier, but with a big ol' melon on a tiny neck like this, eh...

This is a good time to mention Kaen's new outfit, since he doesn't keep it long. I thought the little lines on the shirt made it unique, even if it's hard to decide how it works in 3D. I THINK the main lapel goes all the way around his right side and then back up around his left hip, up into where it's secured under the belt. There are some inconsistencies with this later (especially since he keeps wearing it under this armor) but it makes more sense than Sasha's top.

I don't remember anymore where the gel armor idea came from, but I think I was just looking at some pretty jewel-ish armor from some flashy MMO, and thinking about hydrogel? Cal going after Sasha's milkbags is damn adorable.

It's nice having Kaen actually make a mistake, one that suits him, accidentally being presumptuous. Should've done that more. I tried to soften the weirdness of just abandoning your kid to go adventure, but dammit I really wanted both of those things to happen and I was already knee-deep in it.

Personally, I can never understand how loving parents could ever send their kids away and miss a part of their fleeting childhoods. My parents definitely wouldn't have done that to me, and their parents definitely would / did with them, and the difference there is a major part of how I was raised. Speaking of, not having brought a bag of her stuff is definitely something I experienced with visiting different parents and it took a while getting into the visitation groove, and that is why I noticed.

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