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Can we talk about how great Mizu's tied-around-waist sweatshirt is, and how it looks like Korra's weird leather ass-cover only less bizarre? Kimchi looks dang short in that first panel. I was really struggling to get back into the groove of the comic AND they all had new models, so...

Giving Riven a poncho is something I thought would be a lot more memorable and fun. I dunno, it's just a thing. Like it's all-covering but it's also easily able to show everything. Mysterious but relaxed at the same time. I wrote down that Riv should pull up the hood whenever she's feeling embarrassed, just like that old running gag she used to have whenever her confidence was blown and she pulled a shroud out of nowhere. Didn't get good feedback on this one, though.

I'm amazed at how well I managed to draw Kaen's armor, how consistent. I think it was better than his previous AND next set. Man, the Robin-being-into-Fenrir thing didn't really go anywhere. I think most of the point of it was just a cute rivalry with Hel.

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