Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Of course, speaking of things you can't really do in a comic, I really wanted to point out that the most major and noticeable change in the cast, from their perspective, is that Kimchi's voice changed. I mean it was probably already starting to, but now it's definitely all the way done.

That awkwardness when you reference something about your parents and then remember you're adopted. Heh. I actually did darken the scenes here, because people had been pointing out how I never did that, always having characters in their fully-lit standard colors... I had a real powerful realization that something was majorly wrong with my brain, and I'd never learned how different lighting affects things.

Videogames screwed with me, I think, but when I try to think back to, for example, Zelda 2... Did Link have a different palette inside the dark caves? I literally have no idea. Now I didn't keep it up in the comic because fuck all that extra work, but I thought once in a while at least, I'd try do it and prove I could. That's how I tend to work through things.

To this day it seems weird that there's this crazy massive (and brightly LIT) underground world in this setting. It probably should have seemed more caverny (which would suit fungi just fine, they don't need light) but this is more eerie and creepy. The sheer grayness (playing with saturation is another thing I was trying to work on, having been told my shit tends to be oversaturated. A lot of that was monitor settings, but also worsening cataracts) is so perfect.

I referenced EVER so many types of fungi, I hope you appreciate it. It still looks messy and haphazard. Probably should have put a bunch of every kind clustered around each other.

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