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Here we get the explanation for Hel's odd new choice of footwear. I just thought it looked nice, even if the sort of wrapped-spats make little sense, so I bullshat some magic. I was so tired of drawing sandals.

Also, did you notice Hel doesn't wear green anymore? It used to be so much her thing, combining her parents' favorite colors, but now that she's becoming a young woman she's choosing her own shit. Yeah, that was it. Not just that Wilykit wore dark blue.

I wanted to be subtle with Kimchi's new Okami-esque schtick, but I was more concerned with being consistent. Sometimes I'd be like "Shit, did I forget to draw it?" and then check and realize I hadn't drawn him below the knee in like a week. But in maybe-Mycopolis, it was little mushrooms springing up. And indoors, it's nothing.

Damn helpful, scuba gnomes. It was important to have a bath scene here and get caught up on everyone's post-timeskip bods, I tell you what. I wrote down wayyy at the beginning of this comic that Hel was probably going to grow up willowy and only fill out at the last minute, to her chagrin.

Seems I kept with that plan. She never was exactly lanky, though. Super short. Actually if anyone's willowy it's Robin, who ended up surprisingly spindly and leggy given her forebears. Going by a few comics ago, though, Oak just took a long time to grow to full height, so it's not all that odd.

You know, I was pondering wearing pants as a shirt before Fionna and Prince Gumball did it. Just saying, grape minds...

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