Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Check out those ornately-written date numbers. For the rest of the comic, I found a bizarre amount of satisfaction from carefully drawing the numbers each time. Something's definitely wrong with me. I'm not sure if the brushed bits of color atop the wiggly dark shadow are meant to be reflection or just the part of the water that's transparent enough to still show something, but either way it doesn't work that well and I don't much do it later on.

I hope the different background colors aren't confusing or give the (frankly plausible) idea that Hel is colorblind or something. It was just supposed to represent how she got confused and disoriented and thought she'd gone somewhere, which I thought was cute and funny.

Yeah see, here's Robin's distinct boobies. Deliberate, those. Put a bit of work into making them look right. No idea why Sasha was holding a random rock, it's actually a little confusing in a 'cow tools' kind of way because Robin's talking about a moon stone and it wrongly suggests that was meant to be related somehow.

I think I just drew her hand randomly in a 'dropped a thing' pose. Even though I was starting to sketch this stuff out, I still had no idea how to think of poses. Still don't.

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