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Oh wow that's a very wrong line on her thigh there in the first panel, it should take a sharp turn to show the edge of her pelvis. Oh well. The transformation is still good. And yeah this was mainly just to illustrate Sasha's new post-timeskip look, re-establish that she transforms, and enjoy the newly embiggened canvas. These are some of my favorite wolf-Sasha drawings, and (due to the fact that I increasingly forgot to use this power at all) they remain the kinda 'key art' for this mode in this period.

Really struggling with the light levels and contrast and shit, I don't think the silhouette approaching makes sense. Riven gives us a little confirmation here that even though everything on a crotch is invisible to the reader, it's still there. That is kind of awkward, but consistency is one thing I'm good at, even when it's misguided. It goes with the whole aesthetic, I dunno. I've mentioned it before. Still planning on ditching it in the next iteration of the comic and just drawing dongs.

Why does "son of a parent" make me giggle so hard? Anyway I forget where I heard that a yowie was part-ant part-lizard, but it's one of those monsters that irritates the shit out of me for not having a consistent description. It's like c'mon, other cultures' mythologies, get your shit straight! Anyway I want you to retroactively imagine the voice of that helpful dead guy was Rhys Darby. No particular reason.

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