Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I like to talk about this whenever hymenopterans come up in conversation. Which is often. Now see, here I didn't remotely try to 'night-light' the characters, so their pale ginger skin is absolutely glowing. Is that a mistake? I dunno.

The yowie, I definitely tried to make fit the scene, but dark colors are surely already right for it. That stuff was confusing, I'm still not totally on top of it, but I'm making strides. You can at least see here how the distant legs were a bit darker.

I really did enjoy drawing plumes of water, and Robin's attack looked pretty cool too. But you can see the awkwardness I was having with Kaen's moustache. Also I remember not enjoying drawing that clothes pile there.

But this is when Robin's spell chants finally start to take on a consistent form. She muttered a few words when pulling off that "took a chunk of the wall and floor with her" teleport a little while ago, but this one has Pinky and the Brain episode "Spellbound" kinda rhythm.

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