Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I think I already did "lots of little fires all over the place", a reference to The Stupids, a tragically underrated film. But whatever, it bore repeating. I keep a list of gags to use, but at some point I stopped updating my list of gags I had already used, so I wasn't always super sure.

I've never really been sure how much or little I'm okay with just cramming the comic with references, but I hope anyone reading this who goes "oh that's a line from Adventure Time" smiles rather than scratches their head and wonders why it's written in white under a table.

But yeah disappointing food is a Hell staple at least since that one Simpsons episode. Can you really think of anything worse? I absolutely hate when all of this stuff happens. The white stuff on chocolate is the cocoa butter separating out, by the way. Dunno if you knew that.

Actually maybe they didn't already go to Hell in this comic? Not since old Kiwi Day? Weird that I can't remember. This commentary is taking me months (blame Xenoblade 2). Like if this is the first time I'm establishing that it works on Minecraft's nether rules, then... I dunno, maybe this is the first time.

I just thought that was a really sensible thing that allows for it to be "every planet's hell" without it being a tremendously, impossibly large place. Instead it's 1/512th of that. And I'm treating Ayaku's appearance like it's special so this must be the first time she appeared in the new comic. Yeah. Sorry if this commentary's confusing now. That's the opposite of its intended purpose.

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